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It’s a Case of Bed Bugs: Bed Bug Removal NYC

Bed Bug Control NYC + Bed Bug Exterminator NYC: Bed Bug Removal NYC

What are Bed Bugs?
Bed bugs are parasites that feed on human blood and we need Bed Bug Removal NYC. These pests do not have wings, and they are approximately 1/8 inches in length. Bed bugs are small, and reddish-brown in color. Bed bugs are typically most active at night – this is when they find sleeping humans to feed on. During the day, bed bugs will hide out in:
• mattresses
• couches (or other types of furniture)
• cracks in the walls
• crevices in woodwork and floorboards
• inside of other protected gaps
• books
• clothing

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Common NYC Bed Bug: Bed Bug Removal NYC

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Bed Bug Control NYC

If your home becomes infected with bed bugs, you will need to act quickly.  The sooner you detect the bed bugs, the better. Early detection could help you prevent the number of bed bugs in your home from increasing. Control Exterminating is the pest control company that will work to get the bed bugs removed, and educate you on how to keep them away. For more than 40 years, we have been providing pest control services to businesses and homeowners in NYC, and we are available to help you year-round.

Bed Bugs in my Home

Bed bugs are pest that can infest homes, apartments, office buildings, factories, and other large or small areas. If you think you see a bed bug in your home, you should check for:
• Small spots of Reddish-black fecal material on your pillows, sheets, couches, etc…
• Rashes on your arms if you are getting bitten
• Unpleasant odors in the home or office as a result of extreme infestation

I Need the Bed Bugs Gone

Remember that once bed bugs are inside of your home or office, they could be extremely difficult to control, unless you have the help of a pest control company; Control Exterminating is the business for you. Control Exterminating will inspect your home and look for signs of bed bugs. After our inspection, depending on the severity of the bed bug infestation, we will determine the best plan of action to take. Sanitation a day after treatment is critical. We emphasize vacuuming any dead insects.

Preparing for Bed Bug Removal

Preparing for Bed Bug removal is a critical part of the treatment. Clothing from closets and drawers, bed linens must be laundered at dried for 15 minutes at a high temperature. Please click here to download our BED BUG PREPARATION CHECKLIST.

Keeping the Bed Bugs Out

Control Exterminating can help educate you on how to keep bed bugs out of your home, and ways to protect your personal belongings from being destroyed.

Contact Control Exterminating today and receive service from a local company that has 40 years of experience with bed bug control in NYC – and other pests.

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