Cockroach Removal: It’s a Case of Roaches!

It’s a Case of Roaches

When roaches invade your home, you will need to do all you can to get rid of them. Control Exterminating can help you with this task. For 40 years, we have been helping home – and business – owners in NYC exterminate bugs in their homes, offices, or buildings, and we can definitely help with cockroach removal!

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Common Cockroaches

  • The American Cockroach
  • The Brown Bandit
  • The Oriental Cockroach
  • and The German Cockroach

Roach Control NYC

Though the German cockroach is the most common roach found in NYC apartments, our cockroach removal experts have discovered that other types are also prevalent. They enjoy hiding in dark, humid areas such as garbage rooms, steam rooms, air conditioning vents, basements, drains, and utility closets. Cockroaches can be introduced into our homes through grocery bags, brought up with our laundry, in traveling suitcases, crawl under our doors or even come through the dishwashing machines. Cockroaches are capable of producing several thousand offspring in a year.

In NYC, studies were done in inner city apartments where people were experiencing many asthma attacks. They found that the shedding of the skin of the roaches irritated the bronchial tubes. If a family member has asthma, it is imperative that their home is made cockroach free. Contact us immediately for roach elimination.

Roaches in my Home

All three of these roaches need water to survive, which is why you are likely to find them in areas of your home or office where water is near, including:

  • the kitchen
  • the bathroom
  • the laundry room

Though these are the main places in your home where roaches are known to hide or crawl around in your home; rarely, however, will you find roaches in:

  • bedrooms
  • living rooms

I Need the Roaches Gone

For cockroach removal, Control Exterminating will use EPA-approved pesticides to eliminate the roaches in your home, and will inspect for water leakage, drainage, and other water issues that are causing the roaches to invade your home. But the problem does not stop there: note that pesticides will kill the roaches, but not the eggs that a female roach may drop. Often, a second service is necessary.

Preparing for Roach Removal

  • Empty out the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom and store in separate locations
  • Remove all items from countertops – and wipe down the counters
  • Please click here to download our COCKROACH TREATMENT PREPARATION CHECKLIST

Keeping the Roaches Out

Control Exterminating can help educate you on how to remove the roaches from your home, and how to keep them out!

Contact Control Exterminating today for roach elimination and receive service from a local company that has 40 years of experience with roach control in NYC – and other pests.

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