Ant Exterminators: Experts at Carpenter Ant Infestation

2 February 2015
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Carpenter ants like wood. They don’t consume it; they just like to chew on it. They are considered one of the leading causes of damage to wood-based structures in the US. Here, the most common carpenter ant is the black carpenter ant. Ant exterminators are your best ally in eliminating this problem.

If you have seen a trail of these ants, you could very well be facing an ant infestation already. And it’s best to be familiar with their habits so you will be more aware of where to look and when to look for them.

First off, these ants like to live in hollow wood. This means that they can create hollow sections in the wooden parts of your structure in order to have a place to live in. For these cases, ant removal experts can help you by checking your wooden structure for common signs like sawdust and small holes. They like to live in moist or decaying wood so be on the lookout for those as well. It’s important that you zero-in on their nests so you can completely get rid of the problem.

Generally, ant exterminators will know where to look so you may want to consider getting their services to ensure that every nook and cranny inside the house is thoroughly checked.

Carpenter ants can live outdoors as well. So if you have trees with hollow sections and your home is already infested, you’ll probably see them inside nearby trees as well. Professional ant removal services will target both indoor and outdoor nests. Once the nests have been identified, pest control experts will know what to do – which pesticide to use to eliminate them and which ones are best for preventing re-infestation, even when there are kids and pets in the home.

It is not recommended for you to handle the problem on your own, particularly if you’ve been seeing ant trails on and off, and in several different places inside and outside the house. Only professional ant exterminators will know the best approach to get rid of them.

Carpenter ants are known to damage wood-based structures of houses as well, so don’t wait too long before calling for help. The longer you wait, the more damage will be done.