Ant Pest Control: Targeting the Root of the Problem

20 January 2015
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You see a trail of ants on the counter and your first instinct is to grab a can of bug spray to kill them. You think that that’s the end of it but then you see another trail, this time on the dining table. Professional ant pest control is what you need.

While bug sprays can eliminate the pests that you can see, they do not target the root of the problem: destroying their nests. If you’re lucky, the nests can be within eyesight but they usually never are. They can be hidden behind drywalls or some other area inside your house’s structural foundation. Ant extermination by professionals is your best defense against these pests.

Do I Really Need Professional Pest Control?

If you’ve been spraying these ants with insecticide and they keep coming back, there’s a very big chance that there’s a colony of them somewhere inside the house. And in these cases, a professional ant pest control service should be hired to determine where the colonies are (there could be more than one) with the help of their equipment.

Furthermore, pest control experts know where to look first since they’ve seen and eliminated a number of them in different houses/structures before. With professional ant extermination, you’re assured that the bug experts will leave no stone unturned until they find the root of the problem and completely eliminate it once and for all.

In addition to this, they also have proven treatments that can be applied on surfaces to prevent re-infestation. They can likewise give you tips on how to prevent re-infestation, such as proper food storage and eliminating factors inside the house that make your home susceptible to ant infestation.

So if you’ve been seeing ant trails all over the house, it’s best not to rely only on bug sprays that you can purchase off the rack. Hire professional ant pest control services to completely get rid of the ants.