Why are Bed Bugs So Common Now?

25 July 2014
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For a good while, it seemed as if bed bugs had disappeared… Well that is a thing of the past. Bed bugs are extremely prevalent now, and they are here to stay. Many people question why these pests are so common now, as opposed to decades ago. A little more than a century ago, it was very uncommon to see bedbugs, but now these wingless, rust-colored insects have infested homes, hotels, movie theaters, and a host of businesses, airports, buildings, and schools.

The Pesticide Affect

It seems that these insects have found a way to outsmart some treatment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) removed certain pesticides to reduce the risk of cancer. One pesticide, DDT, was released around the time of World War II, and it helped to reduce the presence of bed bugs in the United States almost near the point of eradication. These types of pesticides were causing harm to the foods we eat, and our environment, which is why the EPA removed them. This has caused bed bugs to return.

Increased International Travel

Bed bugs are more common today because of the increased international business and leisure travel. Many people travel with pets, and bed bugs are known to be carried into the homes on pets. A dog’s acute smell can sniff out bed bugs, and they usually attempt to warn their owners. Carrying ballistic fiber luggage, as opposed to hard plastic luggage, is one of the reasons why travel adds to the prevalence of bed bugs today. These pests can not only hide in luggage, it gives them a pressurized cargo hold to survive in. Areas where international travel is the highest tend to have high bed bug activity.

Dealing with the Pests

Although bed bugs are common, they can be removed from your home or business. You will need to hire an experienced pest control company that has success with controlling bed bugs. A professional pest control company will know how to use pesticides safely, applying the chemicals with proper application techniques. There is no magic “poof be gone” spray that you can use. These chemicals have to be applied directly on the insects, as well as their hiding places, in order to irritate their nervous system, and make them come out. Some of their hiding places include cracks and crevices.

Knowing exactly where to look and spray is a skill that a professional exterminator will have. With bed bugs so common these days, you want to hire a professional pest control company to remove these insects, and advise you on how to keep them out!

Get ready; it is time to prepare for the bed bug treatment…