Pest Control for Your Business

16 October 2017
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Commercial Pest Control:

NYC Exterminators for Your Business

As a business owner, you know that any disruption from the day-to-day routine can hurt your bottom line. A pest infestation can deter customers and even shut you down. 

If you own a commercial business and are experiencing destruction caused by rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, or any other native NYC pests, then you need to give Control Exterminating a call. With Control Exterminating’s commercial pest control service you can count on the expertise and professionalism that your business needs.

Owning a business in the city that never sleeps means that a fast response matters. With same or next-day service Control Exterminating is available in a New York minute! 

Excellent customer service from a family-owned business means the same people on the line every time you call. Get the personal care and attention you need from Control Exterminating, New York’s best exterminator services.

A woman standing in her apartment

Apartment Pest Control

“Get the personal care and attention you need from Control Exterminating, New York’s best exterminator services.”

Control Exterminating

We Will Protect Your Reputation

Do you own or manage a building in one of the other NYC boroughs? Did you know that once one apartment in your building becomes infested with spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs or rodents that it is likely your entire building has a problem? 

Allow Control Exterminating to provide you full commercial pest control service to meet your pest control needs. Control Exterminating will speak directly to each of your tenants so you are able to enjoy one less thing that you need to manage.

If you own a restaurant, health code violations caused by rodents and cockroaches can be incredibly costly and detrimental to your returning business. 

Protect your reputation and bottom line by being proactive and have Control Exterminating provide preventative treatment. You don’t have to give up your coveted Yelp rating because of a pest problem. Control Exterminating will protect your business from harmful pests and provide you with New York’s best service!

Not only will you be provided with top-notch service, but you will also be provided with support to help prevent a rodent, cockroach, or spider infestation from returning to your restaurant. 

Preventative measures such as waste management, sealing of cracks and holes where bugs and rodents can enter, and improved cleaning procedures, can all be discussed with your pest management team. Control Extermination seeks to provide New York business owners with the solutions and support they need.

A room in a hotel. Hotel pest control is important for your hospitability business.

Hotel pest control is important for your hospitability business.

“Protect your reputation and bottom line by being proactive and have we provide preventative treatments.”

Control Exterminating

We Treat All Pests!

Hotel managers cringe when hearing that news that New York’s bed bug problem is steadily on the rise. A bed bug infestation can completely decimate hotel business and is notorious for being a difficult situation to fix.

Don’t let your guests fall victim to sleepless nights and itchy bites. Bed bugs are ubiquitous creatures, and without a skilled and comprehensive management plan, they are highly likely to re-invade. An aggressive treatment plan paired with thorough follow up is key to stopping a bed bug problem in its tracks.

Control Extermination provides cutting-edge service coupled with over 40 years of experience working in New York to meet all of your commercial pest control needs. 

Your service begins with a comprehensive property inspection which a trained technician will then use to create your unique pest control plan. Not only are Control Extermination’s methods-fast and effective but they are also safe; using only 100% FDA approved chemicals.  

Don’t let your business be affected by a preventable problem. Whether your business is big or small, Control Extermination has the skills to tackle the job. It doesn’t matter if you have a spider, bed bug, rodent, or cockroach problem; no job is too big for New York’s best extermination service!***


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