Stored Product Pests Removal

Stored Products Pest Removal

Stored products and packaging could contain adult pests or their eggs without consumers initially knowing about them. Oftentimes, the presence of pests in stored products only becomes evident when signs of infestation have already begun to appear. Enlisting professional stored products pest removal is important, especially if you suspect that these pests have invaded your home or office.

It’s a Case of Stored Products Pests

Stored Product Pest Control in NYC

Storage product pests could not only infest your residence or business, but they can cause a lot of damage too. They are typically transported through infested food shipments. If you believe you have storage product pest problems, you should contact Control Exterminating immediately.

We can help assess the pest issue, and treat the infestation. We have more than 40 years of experience dealing with bugs, insects, and rodents, and we can provide solutions for your NYC residence or business.

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Common Types of Stored Product Pests

• Flour Beetles
• Rice Weevils
• Grain Beetles
• Indian Moths
• Cigarette Beetles
• Drugstore Beetles
• Spider Beetles

close up weevil

It is recommended that you immediately contact an expert pest control technician so he can check the type of pests that have invaded your residence or building. Doing so determines the specific type of pests you have, allowing us to implement the appropriate pest removal procedures.

Storage product pests typically enter your home or business through:

  • Groceries and shipped foods
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Dried cat and dog food

Although storage product pests do not necessarily carry diseases, they can cause significant damage to the items in your home or office. Some of the items that store product pests damage include:

  • Stored Supplies
  • Stored Food
  • Clothing, Furs, Wool

Stored Product Pests in my Home

Storage product pests often enter your home or business searching for food. When you see these pests flying or crawling around, you should contact Control Exterminating to do an inspection. Your home or business could be infested. After a thorough inspection of your premises, we will recommend the best stored products pest removal treatment for your type of infestation.

I Need the Storage Product Pests Out

You should clean out cabinets and pantries on a regular basis; keep food containers and boxes sealed and shut. Businesses should make sure there are no spills in the areas where food shipments are being stored.

Preparing for Stored Product Pest Removal

Before the scheduled stored products extermination, it is advised that customers follow these preparatory steps:

  • Clean out the cabinets
  • Inspect all grain products
  • Inspect all spices

Keeping the Stored Products Pests Out

Although Control Exterminating can help you remove storage product pests, it is up to you to keep the bugs out. You can do this by keeping your home and office clean. As experts in pest extermination, we will educate you on how to keep the pests out for good.

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