Signs of Bed Bugs in NYC

9 March 2018
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Signs of Bed Bugs in NYC

New York City, just like any city, is vulnerable to bed bug infestations. If you live in this county, you should always be ready to face these bugs since they spread very easily due to local as well as international travels to areas with bedbugs. Interestingly, you can have these bugs at your place without your knowledge since they are extremely good at hiding. Luckily, there are signs of bed bugs in NYC that you can look for in your home or business to determine if there’s an infestation.

Signs of Bed Bugs in NYC

The Signs of Bed Bugs in NYC Include:

Live small, brown or red crawling insects

Bed bugs are relatively small bugs, the length of each adult ranging from 4mm to 5mm. An adult bedbug is wingless but has the vestiges of wings known as wing pads which don’t develop fully to functional wings.  The bug is brown in color but the color changed to rusty red once the bug has just fed. Although bed bugs are big enough to be seen with naked human eyes, seeing them moving around, especially during the daytime, is not easy. They come out of their hideouts at nights when you are asleep so that they can bite and suck blood from your without you noticing them.  

Signs of Bed Bugs in NYC

However, in case your area has an infestation, you can find these pests under your mattress, inside spring boxes, under a pillow or/ and in the cracks and crevices of your bed or chair or any other upholstered furniture in your bedroom. When you are faced with a heavy bed bug infestation, the live bugs can even be found in your carpet edges, behind wallpapers, inside electronics as well as in wall cracks and crevices. You can use a bright spotlight look for the pests in these areas if you suspect them in your home or commercial area.

Young bed bugs, with translucent or whitish-yellow bodies, are also another sign of a bed bugs in NYC. However, a juvenile bed bug that has just fed is reddish in color. The nymphs look almost the same as adult bed bugs, only that they are smaller and, of course, the difference in body colors. Check for these small bugs in the above-mentioned bed bug hideouts/resting grounds.

White, oval eggs in cracks, crevices or along mattress seams

Signs of Bed Bugs in NYC, Bed Bug Eggs

After mating, female bed bugs lay white eggs which are oval in shape in small hidden cracks and crevices in your bedroom or along mattress seams. The eggs are as tiny as 1/16″ long and are covered with a film which enables them to stick to surfaces. A single female bed bug is capable of laying up to 250 eggs during her lifetime.

Musty odor

Bedbugs produce odors known as alarm pheromones through their body glands as a way of conveying particular messages amongst themselves, especially when disturbed. The musty odor may also come from the fecal materials of the bugs.  Some people claim that a low concentration of the odor smells like the scent of coriander but at a high concentration, the smell is unpleasant; almost similar to that of moldy wet clothes.

Empty shells in hidden voids

Signs of Bed Bugs in NYC, Bed Bug Stains

During their development, young bed bugs shed their exoskeletons for about five times before they reach maturity. These shells look like empty bedbugs or popcorn kernels. They are usually found in the common bed bug resting places such as bed’s cracks and crevices, under a mattress, inside spring boxes in electrical appliances near your bed and at the corners and edges of your bookshelf, among other hidden areas (especially tiny spaces) in your bedroom, living room or office.

If you have seen any of these signs of bed bugs in NYC in your home or business it is very possible you have a possible bed bug infestation. If you believe you do, you should call Control Exterminating for an NYC bed bug inspection. We are a reputable pest control company in NYC and can give you all the info you need on removing and preventing bed bugs.