• Do Mothballs Get Rid of Roaches?

    21 November 2018
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    cockroach on the ground

    Do Mothballs Get Rid Of Roaches?

    The thought of having cockroaches in your home can make you cringe, and you’ll do anything to get rid of them. There are numerous methods, but one we get asked often is, do mothballs get rid of roaches?


    Cockroaches are most likely one of the most troublesome pests in the world. Anyone loathes the sight of these unhygienic bugs, but until you do something about them, they’ll continue to wreak havoc on your place. It should be known that tackling a cockroach infestation on your own is tricky. In serious cases, it’s best to contact a professional roach exterminator like Control Exterminating. 

    Before we get into whether or not mothballs can be used to get rid of roaches, let’s first take a look at some of their characteristics. Often people will confuse other bugs with cockroaches.

    What Are Cockroaches?

    Cockroaches are small insects that have occupied this planet since prehistoric times. The average length of an adult ranges from 0.25 inches to 2 inches while younger ones are approximately 2 – 5 mm in length. They have flat, oval-shaped bodies, with six legs each, and two antennae.

    Although cockroaches do have wings, not all use them to fly. A roach can be light tan or dark brown depending on its species. It can also have stripes or a band on its back or head. It all depends on the type of cockroach, of which there are literally over 4000. The United States alone has over 70 different types.

    Why Should You Get Rid of Cockroaches?

    Besides being creepy, cockroaches can bring lots of health issues with them. For starters, they’ve been found to carry Salmonella Typhi, a bacterium responsible for typhoid. They are also associated with the transmission of Poliomyelitis, a virus which causes polio.



    Roaches can even make you susceptible to dysentery, an illness that makes a person experience serious bleeding. 

    Control Exterminating



    Additionally, they can also cause damage to household items such as books, clothes, and electronics.

    illustration of a cockroachDo Mothballs Get Rid Of Roaches?

    Considering the above health risks, it is imperative that you stay in a roach-free environment. Maybe you heard from a friend that mothballs can help get rid of the pest problem. But wait! What exactly are mothballs?

    They are tiny pellets containing a pungent substance usually naphthalene. They are most often placed in stored clothes to prevent them from being damaged by mold and moth larvae. But despite their name, they do have other uses.

    So, do mothballs get rid of roaches? The answer is yes they can. The use of mothballs is one of the most effective and easiest ways to use home remedies to curb a roach infestation.

    Apart from preventing roach infestations, mothballs also prevent other insects from coming into your home. Also, they are available on the market for purchase.


    roach stains in kitchen cabinet

    Roach stains. Cockroaches can carry Salmonella Typhi, a bacterium responsible for typhoid. They are also associated with the transmission of Poliomyelitis, a virus which causes polio.


    How Do Mothballs Affect Cockroaches?

    As mentioned earlier, mothballs contain naphthalene, an organic compound with a powerful smell that repels insects including cockroaches. You only need to identify the areas with high roach concentration and put two to three mothballs there.

    When roaches approach them, their respiratory system gets blocked by the strong smell of naphthalene, and they experience difficulty breathing.



    Most roaches will move away from the smell of mothballs, and in rare cases, some roaches affected by the smell die due to inability to breath.

    Control Exterminating



    In other words, we can say that mothballs mostly repel roaches, and in rare cases can kill them as well.


    Although mothballs are ultra-affective roach repellants, you should be careful while using them. Their pungent smell isn’t good for people either. So, it is essential that you place them a bit further from food storage or preparation areas as a precaution.


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  • DIY Roach Removal for Your Apartment

    14 June 2018
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    a cockroach on the ground

    Effective Ways to Get Rid of Roach Problem in Your Apartment

    Besides being a nuisance seeing them traversing your house, cockroaches can spread diseases like typhoid, dysentery, and diarrhea. Therefore, you should consider getting rid of these pests as soon as you see them in your home.

    Most people don’t realize they have roaches until they randomly see them scatter when they turn the lights on in the night. This is because these bugs are good at hiding and will come out from their hideouts when they know you won’t see them, particularly when lights are off at night. 

    They’ll be busy feasting on the uncovered or spilled food in your kitchen or dining room until when you turn the lights on. That’s when you’ll see them running to particular areas in your house where they hide.

    When you don’t want to hire a professional roach exterminator, consider taking some action yourself. 

    How to Prevent the Roaches

    There are several things that you ought to do before you start to eliminate cockroaches from your house:

    #1. Check for pipe leaks

    Did you know that a cockroach can survive for several weeks without food as long as it can access water? Now you know. Water is very important to cockroaches, and one of the major things that attract the pests to your home is moisture from leaky plumbing.

    Therefore, if you want to win your fight against cockroaches, you must check if there are pipe leaks and if present, correct them first before you start to exterminate the pests. 

    Also, strive to ensure that your bathroom and kitchen are always dry from the day of the pest eradication onwards.

    #2. Examine each corner and under every furniture

    You need to establish the exact spots where cockroaches are hiding in your house. The highly possible resting grounds of cockroaches include dark, hidden and damp areas like beneath your refrigerator, sink and bathroom cabinets/shelves as well as at the corners of your closet doors. Roaches are also known to get into electronics like video games and computers. 

    clean kitchen in an apartment#3. Clean your house thoroughly

    Once you address moisture issue, the next thing you ought to do is clean your home thoroughly. While cleaning, move your furniture to clean the areas under it and wash all the dishes in your sink. 

    Mop your floors thoroughly but do it using as minimal water as possible. Dispose of all the garbage, clean up all your kitchen countertops and tables where foods and drinks might have spilled, dispose of unwanted foods and put the usable ones in sealed containers or refrigerator.


    “Did you know that a cockroach can survive for several weeks without food as long as it can access water?”

    Control Exterminating


    Do-It-Yourself (DIY) to Kill the Roaches

    There are various options for eradicating roaches by yourself. They include:

    #1. Over-the-counter cockroach gel bait

    An over-the-counter cockroach gel bait can be a very effective way of eradicating cockroaches that have been attracted to your home by leaky pipes. Once you ensure that your plumbing doesn’t have any leak and there’s no moisture in your house, you can rest assured that the present cockroaches don’t have any access to water. 

    Therefore, the chances of them consuming the bait will attract the pests since it has some moisture. Place the bait in the area where you suspect cockroaches are concentrated and leave it there for them to eat it. 

    Cockroaches will die as a result of eating the poisoned bait or after consuming the feces of their fellows who have died because of consuming the bait.

    However, this method has one drawback in that it may take quite a long time, possibly weeks, to eliminate all cockroaches in your home. Besides, since it doesn’t affect unhatched cockroach eggs, you are likely to experience another infestation in future if the roaches had left some eggs.

    #2. Home-produced roach baits

    Instead of buying baits to get rid of roaches, you can make one by yourself. You just need to mix one-part powdered boric acid, one-part flour with one-part cocoa powder. Place the mixture in areas with high roach concentration. Cockroaches will die as a result of consuming the bait mix.

    #3. Pesticide spray

    Alternatively, you can spray the appropriate insecticide solution to areas where you think roaches are hiding or use to enter your house.

    Best Option for Cockroach Removal in NYC

    Controlling cockroaches is not always easy and sometimes, you might end up frustrated if things don’t turn out the way you would want them to be. Fortunately, at Control Exterminating, nothing is difficult as far as cockroach extermination is concerned. Just get in touch with us today for a hassle-free and swift cockroach control.***

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  • DIY Roach Treatment to Get Roaches Out of Your Electronics

    21 May 2018
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    a cockroach is lying on the floor

    4 Best Ways to Get Roaches Out of Your Electronics

    Your electronics happen to be ideal nesting places for these insects. When roaches get access to your home, your router, television, game console or any other frequently used electronic appliance becomes vulnerable to a roach infestation. 

    Apart from searching for food, another reason that makes roaches come to your home is to get warm, dark and hidden areas where they can live comfortably and reproduce. 

    Unfortunately, your electronics happen to be ideal nesting places for these insects. When roaches get access to your home, your router, television, game console or any other frequently used electronic appliance becomes vulnerable to a roach infestation. 

    With time, you are likely to spot live roaches as well as their eggs and feces. Roach infested electronics are the major agents of the spread of cockroach. Besides, although rarely, the urine and feces of these bugs could potentially cause damage to your electronics. 

    A good way to prevent roaches in your electronics is hiring a roach exterminator to get completely rid of them. There are also some actions you can take on your own, although they may not be as effective.

    electronic devices with lines of cables

    You can apply any of the following methods to get roaches out of your electronic:

    #1. Roach bait gel

    Once you establish that there are cockroaches in your electronic device, put a roach bait gel on a tin foil or plastic paper beneath the appliance. Comprising different active ingredients which are unfriendly to roaches, roach gel baits come in different brands. 

    The gel will attract roaches from your device and kill them once they consume it. Nevertheless, some cockroaches will die inside the electronic. All in all that shouldn’t cause you much worry since you can later look for a way of removing the remains.

    #2. Freezing them out

    Cockroaches don’t like cold, and that’s why they get into the electronics that you use frequently to get warmth since the devices produce heat while running. On the other hand, cold is a great enemy to the bugs. They can’t stand freezing temperatures; they will die within no time when they are subjected to extremely low-temperature conditions. 

    Therefore, you can use freezing treatment to eradicate roaches from your device. However, before you rest on this method, confirm if your appliance can withstand low temperatures for a period ranging from three to five days. Besides, the device should be able to fit in a freezer.

    This is how you use freezing treatment to get roaches out of your device: Seal the electric appliance in a plastic bag and put it in a freezer. Let it stay there (in the freezer) for three, four or five days. However, you don’t need a freezer if the place where you live has freezing temperatures. 

    You just need to put the sealed electronic in your garage for a similar duration. All the roaches in the item will have died by the time the period lapses. Then, return the appliance indoors and ensure it has dried out properly before you start to use it again.


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    #3. Blowing

    Blowing is another way which you can use to remove roaches from an electronic. You need to get a can containing compressed air and ensure that its spray tip is thin so that air comes out of it with much force while blowing. 

    Place the roach-infested electronic device outdoor and blow all the cockroaches hiding in it using the can. You’ll be amazed to see that not only roaches’ body parts and guts will come out of your item, but also their eggs and feces.

    #4. Clean up

    Upon confirming that there are no roaches left in your electronic device, the next important thing to do is to clean it thoroughly. Simply unplug the device from the power source, open it using a screwdriver and remove all the feces, roach remains and/or the pests’ feces from it. 

    It is advisable that you use brushes and soft fabric to do the cleaning. However, before you open the device, ensure that you won’t compromise the warranty of the item by unscrewing it.

    That is how you remove roaches from electronics. You now have no excuse for allowing your electronic device to continue being a hideout for roaches.

    However, if you have a cockroach infestation that you can’t handle by yourself, call Control Exterminating. We offer a professional cockroach removal service in NYC areas.***

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  • Common Bugs in NYC

    21 December 2017
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    a cockroach on a leaf

    The Most Common Bugs in NYC: Cockroaches

    There are some common bugs in NYC that are specific to certain regions in the United States. New York City is primarily known for the problems we have with cockroaches.

    Control Exterminating NYC are experts in controlling and exterminating cockroaches. You don’t have to live with the problem simply because it is a problem that is known to exist in NY. Any bugs NYC problem can be treated by our qualified exterminators.


    “Let us show you what we can do to help you with you get rid of cockroaches and other common bugs.”

    Control Exterminating


    If you want to address common bugs in NYC that are a problem, contact the professional services of Control Exterminating NYC. Our team of professional exterminators is qualified to offer you the best services possible.

    We offer professional services that prove effective in treating most infestations of common bugs you have. The problem could develop very slowly and completely take over before you realize it.

    You can try to treat the problem on your own but you it is more helpful and less time-consuming when you hire the services of a qualified pest control experts NY.

    Why Hire A Professional Pest Control Service

    Hiring a professional pest control service will be advantages to have because they will be able to quickly get to the bottom of the problem for you. Our exterminator will know exactly where to look to find the source of your problem.

    Once they have identified the source, they must then try to determine if this is the only place where the problem stems from. There may be more than one entryway and if you do not find them all, the problem will still exist.


    “Our exterminators will perform a thorough search of the property to find out where your problem stems from to seal it up and prevent more bugs from coming inside.”


    You might think that simply because it is a common problem, surely there is something online that will tell you how to effectively treat the problem.

    We are sure that you’ll be able to find exactly what you are looking for online. The problem is that the methods that are suggested are usually just a quick fix. They don’t produce lasting benefits.

    If you have an ant problem for example, that you want to completely eliminate, you need to find out where and why they are coming inside.

    Once this has been accomplished, our pest control expert will develop a plan to effectively address the source of your problem, thus destroying every inch of the problem.

    roach stains in kitchen cabinet

    Roach stains

    Don’t Use DIY Methods

    Buying products over-the-counter can also be a serious problem, due to the effects that the harmful chemicals can have on your health and the health of your children and pets.

    When you want to remain safe, why not leave the job of getting rid of bugs to our professional pest control exterminators at Control Exterminating NYC.

    They have the knowledge and the qualifications that make it possible for you to live bug-free for now and years to come.


    “Most people want value for their money, this is exactly what you will receive when you allow us to address your pest control needs.”


    You don’t have to live with the problem that you’re experiencing because you are fearful of how much it will cost to address the problem.

    We will work with you regardless of your budget to provide you with the best and most effective pest control service possible.

    Most people want value for their money, this is exactly what you will receive when you allow us to address your pest control needs.

    We don’t leave a trace of any type of pest problem once we have been allowed to address the problem at Control Exterminating NYC.***


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  • Water Bug vs. Cockroach

    11 June 2016
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    a giant water bug on the grass

    Water Bug vs. Cockroach:

    What’s the Difference?

    As for cockroaches, water bugs enjoy being in wet areas, but they are not real water bugs. They are actually cockroaches as some of the species of cockroach are referred to as water bugs. When you need a water bug or roach exterminator, you can count on Control Exterminating.

    It is not uncommon for people to not know the difference between a water bug vs. cockroach. Water bugs are from the Hemiptera family. They get the name “water bug” because they have paddle-like legs that help them thrive in aquatic environments.

    As for cockroaches, water bugs enjoy being in wet areas, but they are not real water bugs. They are actually cockroaches as some of the species of cockroach are referred to as water bugs. Examples of true water bugs are giant water bugs (Belostomatidade), water scorpions (Nepidade), and water boatmen (Corixidade) to name a few.

    The American cockroach is also referred to as the American Water Bug and can adapt quickly to its surroundings. The main difference between cockroach and water bug is that cockroaches do not need to live in water the way that true water bugs do.

    American Cockroach scurrying on the floor

    American Cockroach

    Water Bug vs. Roach Identification

    Cockroaches can survive in areas that are both moist and warm while real water bugs, however, need large bodies of water to ensure their survival. Cockroaches can adapt to their surroundings, and although they frequent warm, moist areas, they are not aquatic.

    American cockroach or American water bug adults grow to an average length of 1.6 inches. They are reddish-brown in color and have a yellowish margin on the body region behind the head.

    Water bugs can be found almost anywhere, but they are dark brown in color and have a particular preference for moist dark areas in your home or business including:
    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Basements
    • Garages
    • Storage areas
    • Commercial buildings

    Water bugs can survive in dry areas if they have access to a water source. They prefer warm temperatures and can survive in sewers and will often move outside during warmer weather.

    a giant water bug on soil

    Giant Water Bug by Frank Vassen from Brussels, Belgium [CC BY 2.0]

    Cockroach Disease Vector

    Cockroaches can lead to serious health problems. They are known for spreading disease-causing bacteria including Salmonella which they carry on their legs and deposit on food.

    House dust which contains cockroach feces and body parts can trigger an allergic reaction including asthma in individuals who are susceptible.

    How Are Cockroaches and Water Bugs Getting into My House or Business?

    The most common way for American cockroaches to enter your home or business is through your drains. They can also enter your property through cracks and other openings, and they can even come through the gap under your door.

    Water bugs rely on water to survive, and more often than not they will enter your home or commercial property and move towards areas that are warm and moist. Water bugs enter homes and businesses looking for water.

    To ensure water bugs stay out of your home or business, you need to take care of any leakage or drainage issues inside your property. It is also important to seal or throw out any leftovers and clean up crumbs.

    Water Bug and Cockroach Removal in NYC

    If you are experiencing an issue with cockroaches or water bugs in your home or business, contact the experts at Control Exterminating. With over 40 years of experience in pest control, our knowledgeable exterminators can take care of your pest problems. Whether its cockroaches or water bugs, give us a call and we’ll take care of them.***

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  • Common Roaches in NYC

    14 May 2016
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    cockroach on a leaf

    Common Roaches in NYC:

    How to Keep These Nasty Pests Away

    When most think of the Big Apple, thoughts of Broadway, museums, Times Square, and of course Central Park come rushing through, but no ever thinks of the pests and particularly the cockroaches, until they have to deal with a roach infestation.

    Many common cockroach species are found around the world, and a good handful of them in the U.S. Though little critters don’t pay close attention to humanmade borders, one can still generalize the more common species found in the area.

    American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Brown-banded cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches are the more frequently spotted roaches terrorizing residential homes and commercial businesses in NYC. When you run into these pests, you can always count on a roach exterminator from Control Exterminating Company.

    American Cockroach

    The American cockroach is also known as a Palmetto or Water Bugs in NYC. It is one of the larger roaches found wandering inside your abode, ranging from 1 ½ inch – 2 inches in length. American roaches are brown and have lighter markings on the back of the head.

    The American cockroach is one of the fastest moving insects. They have been documented at running at three miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a human running at 210 miles per hour. Though they have wings and the ability to fly, they are clumsy, and flying is a struggle.

    American cockroaches prefer their quick sprints to evade predators. They are scavengers and will eat nearly anything. Preferring a convenient water source, American cockroaches are usually found close by sewers, or by drains or leaky pipes.

    an american cockroach scurrying on the floor

    American Cockroach

    American cockroaches are most likely around food and food preparation surfaces. This is the largest of the cockroaches that are found commonly measuring about two inches. They are usually a reddish brown color and they have fully developed wings. The females will lay about 10 eggs usually in a crack somewhere and leave to hatch.

    Brown-banded Cockroach

    Brown-banded roaches are one of the smaller cockroach species coming in at 5/8 inch long. They are light brown with two distinctive brownish bands running around their abdomen and wings.

    Adult males have full-length wings, and females have shorter ones than the males. With most cockroaches, they prefer moisture; however, brown-banded cockroaches don’t depend on it and can be found in drier places. They too will eat nearly anything, and can even be caught devouring bookbinding, stamps, and wallpaper and envelops.

    German Cockroach

    German cockroaches are light brown or tan in color, with two darker brown stripes running parallel from their head and down their body. They too are smaller like the Brown-banded roach measuring between ½ inch to 5/8 inch long.

    German cockroaches are masters at finding ways to come in. A mere 38 inch is all they need to intrude. They prefer warm and moist environments and are usually hunkering down in kitchens and bathrooms. Like most cockroaches, they will eat anything.

    a german cockroach on textured fabric

    German Cockroach (Photo: Janet Hurley, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service, Bugwood.org)

    German cockroaches are the most common kind of cockroach that you will see around and in your residence. They generally like a nice warm place to nest and live so your home is a great option to start their family.

    German cockroaches are found most often in bathrooms or kitchens. They like to hide out in the cracks of walls and cupboards. German cockroaches can be identified by their brown coloring with a yellow band behind their head. They are not very large with the adults growing to only about half an inch. German cockroaches also reproduce very quickly with up to 50 eggs at one time.

    Oriental Cockroach

    Despite their name, Oriental cockroaches are believed to hail from North Africa and like the American cockroach, are also commonly known as water bugs. They emit an extremely pungent odor.

    Oriental cockroaches grow to be about 1” long and are black and shiny. Oriental cockroaches will eat anything and can survive in freezing cold temperatures. These roaches are haunting basements and crawlspaces.

    Oriental cockroaches are not as common of a cockroach species to come across but they are out there and can get in your home just like any other pest. They like to hide out in dark and damp places where they can stay well hidden.

    Oriental cockroaches can also live in cooler environments as well so nowhere is safe from these nasty little pests. These cockroaches are a bit larger than the German cockroach and grow to about one and a half inches long. Oriental cockroaches also have a fully developed pair of wings and are usually a very dark brown to black color.


    “The American cockroach is one of the fastest moving insects. They have been documented at running at three miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a human running at 210 miles per hour.”

    Control Exterminating


    Health Problems Caused by Cockroaches

    There is a wide misconception that cockroaches are not harmful. This is not true; thus cockroaches can adversely affect your health. They can be detrimental to all types of people by putting their health in danger. No matter the species, cockroaches can transmit germs, bacteria, and diseases and can trigger allergies.


    You may not be aware of the fact that some cockroaches actually bite. Even though they may not leave a mark, you may start to notice changes in your skin. If you notice that your skin is changing, get help, you might have been bitten and infected.


    Cockroaches spread pseudomonas aeruginosa and salmonella. If you happen to become infected with any type of pathogen disease, you could become deathly ill. Whenever you have effected by cockroach infestation, don’t tread lightly.

    Act immediately to get rid of them by contacting the most reputable service provider in New York City at Control Exterminating Pest Control. We can safely eradicate the problem from you as quickly as the problem developed.

    Food Contamination

    People generally see the largest concentration of cockroaches in and around kitchens. You may also find them in your cabinets, refrigerator, and pantry.

    Their fecal matter and dead skin are what can cause your food to become contaminated. They will often eat on grains, starches, cereals, and beans.


    “Cockroaches can adversely affect your health. They can be detrimental to all types of people by putting their health in danger.”

    -Control Exterminating


    Identify Roach Infestation

    It is pretty easy to see with the naked eye the sign of an infestation of the cockroach, especially American cockroach. They usually try to escape from the light and flee to the darker areas after being seen. 

    Not only that, but they also leave behind cockroach droppings in their hideouts, which are tiny, black and blunt ended. This can, however, be confused with mouse droppings, so proper identification is crucial so as to be able to call the right exterminator. 

    If you are not sure, call a licensed professional for pest control such as Control Exterminating who are more than capable of doing the job for you.

    One of the easiest ways to check infestation is the egg that they leave behind almost everywhere they have been. These are around 8mm in length, dark brown and in the shape of capsules. 

    Kitchens and basements are where these can be found the most, but you will also come across them in your furniture. The last indication is very hard to catch, for they leave a distinct smell, which only some people manage to catch.

    The American cockroach is known to be one of the most resilient pests in the world. And, regardless of their small size, they are incredibly hard to get rid of, making it a tough job for everyday people to get rid of every trace of their existence using regular household materials.

    What You Can Do to Keep the Cockroaches Away

    Problems posed by the cockroach is not only sanitation but health as well. These cockroaches usually come from the sewers, which means they are practically a germ body waiting to infest. That’s why controlling these pests is very important to one’s health.

    Here are steps you can do to avoid roach infestation in your home:

    #1. Seal the gaps

    Some small steps that one can take to prevent roach infestation in your NYC home include having a very clean environment and getting rid of cracks and gaps in walls, furniture, sockets and other places in the house.

    Silicon-based seals can help fill in these gaps and prevent cockroaches from seeking shelter or laying eggs. Proper sanitation is also crucial to the prevention of these pests. Places in the house, especially the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements require extra care.

    #2. Vacuum regularly

    It is also wise to vacuum regularly to get rid of dust buildup, reduce moisture in any nook or corner and also suck in eggs in the process.

    #3. Use food containers

    When it comes to food, best to store them in airtight containers that do not let pests in or attract them in the first place.

    #4. Don’t use over-the-counter products

    There are plenty of products on the shelves of your local stores; however, the problem with these types of products is that they are rarely effective for an extended amount of time. They don’t address the source of the problem, and therefore the problem will still exist.

    Over-the-counter products also use harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your health and the environment. Don’t take unnecessary chances with your health, instead, get the help you need today and stay healthy.

    #5. Call a professional cockroach control

    If you notice a cockroach infestation, it is important to exterminate them to keep your home safe from damage, and your health intact. Control Exterminating Company has expertly trained professionals on hand ready to eradicate roach infestations and with regular maintenance can keep them at bay. Call us today to get started!***

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