• Garden Pests: Insects and Damage They Cause

    30 April 2016
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     Garden Pests:

    Insects and Damage They Cause

    If you are ready to start planning out your garden, then you need to be prepared to combat garden pests.

    Garden insects come out every year in the spring just in time for the newly planted vegetable, fruit and flower gardens to be planted. Many of these pests wreak havoc on gardens and can devastate them in a matter of days.

    Garden pests are a problem anywhere that gardening is happening and that means that being able to identify them is the best way to have them treated and to save your garden. Some garden pests are not harmful at all.

    In fact, they will eat the bad pests and help to protect your garden. One of these “good” pests to have around are praying mantises. The majority of the pests that you will find are not good and will destroy your plants.

    Control Exterminating lists some of the pests that can be bad for your garden:


    A pest that is a huge problem to any garden is any form of the caterpillar. They eat away at leaves one by one and don’t take too many breaks. They will go from each plant, and as they eat away, the plant will stop growing and possibly die.

    Any flowers or vegetation that was supposed to grow will not stand a chance if caterpillars are in their way. Caterpillars are tricky and tend to hide well and blend in. They are the same color as the plants and will stay under the leaf, and that makes them hard to spot unless you look under each one.

    Garden Pests

    Aphid (Photo: Frank Peairs, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org)


    These tiny little insects are small enough that you may not see them at all. They are green and blend into the plant itself. The female aphid will give birth to live babies that mean that the production goes fast and that is terrible news for your garden.

    They eat away at the plant and suck the life out of it. They also leave behind honeydew that can attract ants which means if you see a line of ants you may also have aphids in your garden too.

    Slugs and Snails

    This is another pest that may be a bit easier to spot but can still do a lot of damage. They eat away at plants that are close to the ground, and that is usually vegetables, vines, and fruit. They can eat the plants and ruin them, so they are not able to grow the fruits and vegetables that you were hoping for.

    If you feel like garden pests are causing trouble in your yard, call Control Exterminating Company in Manhattan, New York City.

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    Garden Pests: Insects and Damage They Cause

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