Best Solutions for Your Warehouse Pest Problems

Warehouse pest control is a strict and ongoing process as they can spread disease and damage the property.

Pest control is essential to health safety, and it is essential because pests can carry severe illness and diseases. However, pests can be found in a warehouse as well, as they contain delicate materials like food, beverages, etc.

These pests can cost a company a loss in revenue by contaminating the product inside. Here are some of the best solutions for controlling the pests in your warehouses and avoid damage to your goods.

How to Identify Pests in the Warehouse

A warehouse is a place which is used to store a variety of products like foods, clothes, and furniture. Identify pests before they damage your products and spread infection. There are some common warehouse pests which damage thousands of dollars worth of products:

  •    Cigarette Beetles – These pests are the biggest problem found in a tobacco store, they are 2 – 3 mm in length and brown, usually preferring darker places.
  •    Drugstore Beetles – These pests are attracted to light and found on spices, daal, millets, and other foods, they are tiny, measuring 2 – 3.5 mm in length.
  •    Flour Beetles – These are mostly found in flour, wheat, barley and some other products. They are red and measure 3 – 4 mm in length.
  •    Rice, Bean, (Maize Weevils) – These pests don’t have a particular shape or size and color; they can be 3 – 10 mm in length.
  •    Warehouse Beetles – These pests are very destructive, mostly found in legumes and nuts, they are dark brown, measuring 3 – 5 mm in length.
  •    Spider Beetles – These pests can survive in harsh conditions, and they can spread various infections easily.
  •    Indian Meal Moths – These are common pests found in rice and some food products, they measure 9 – 10 mm in length and can cause stomach pain and other infections.

red flour beetle on a food

Red flour beetle by Peggy Greb, USDA Agricultural Research Service,

Ways to Conduct Warehouse Pest Control

You need to eradicate pests by identifying them correctly, as most of them are small. It is a big challenge for warehouse management as quality pest control is necessary.


Special precautions should be taken to keep pests away, but you need to have precautions for environmental safety.

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Steps to Warehouse Pest Control

Here are a few steps you must consider:

  • Schedule regular inspections in storage areas and food zones. Routine inspections and maintenance will increase your chances of clearing the pests.
  • Take preventive action after regular inspection, such as steps to prevent pests before they cause a problem. The most effective methods are applying chemical substances in areas, closing doors correctly, and maintaining cleanliness.
  • Identify the pests and their behavior by determining which are causing the biggest problems, and call a professional pest control company so that they can provide specific treatment.
  • Once you accurately identify the pests then analyze which pest is attracted to which food, which way, and choose the best control techniques.
  • Select a treatment method, whether it is a chemical treatment or non-chemical treatment, by seeing which is better for the environment to maintain food safety. Chemical treatment includes sprays whereas non-chemical treatment comprises trapping, keeping the cloves in the corners, make garlic – mint mixture spray and hot pepper spray, etc.
  • After you have identified and analyzed the pests, it is important to monitor their behavior, and treat them weekly or more accordingly so you can maintain proper pest control.
  • Prepare the documentation accordingly to eradicate pests successfully.

Pests can undoubtedly prove to be a major headache at times. However, having an action plan, and solutions for it will help you in tackling them. By following these steps, and understanding how they should be treated, pests won’t be much of a concern for you.***

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