Are you a business owner worried by the fact that rats, insects, and pests are taking over New York? Check out our advice on how to regain control of the situation.

Business owners across New York City (and the world) have been forced to adapt their ventures in recent times as a direct result of COVID-19 and the accompanying lockdown restrictions. While most companies are adapting their working conditions and pricing models, the majority have overlooked another new requirement: increased commercial pest control.

Given the intense level of uncertainty in a range of other business matters, ignoring the pest control situation in favor of other issues is understandable. Nonetheless, there is an undeniable need to give this issue more attention than ever before. And now is the time to make it happen.

Why COVID-19 Has Increased The Need For Commercial Pest Control In NYC

Lockdown restrictions have changed the landscape of modern life in virtually all locations. However, major cities have seen the most noticeable alterations, and perhaps no city has been affected more than New York City.

The urban ecosystem has been turned on its head, seemingly overnight, as all nonessential businesses were closed in March to combat the fact that the city had become the global epicenter of the pandemic. As a result, pests and rodents have surfaced in broad daylight as they hunt for food.

New York was already one of the county’s most pest-ridden places, but the fallout of COVID-19 has seen the issue skyrocket. Several ingredients have been mixed to create a recipe for disaster, including but not limited to;

There has been a monumental decline in commercial waste, including trashed foods from restaurants, eateries, and office spaces across the city. Essentially, pests are finding it harder to find food in the usual locations.
Fewer people are on the sidewalks, and fewer cars are on the roads. It’s safer for rats and rodents to appear in broad daylight, allowing them to search new hunting grounds. Crucially, commercial settings are empty.
A reduced level of pest control, professional or through DIY endeavors, has enabled pest colonies to grow while slower response times have further exacerbated the problems throughout the city of New York.

It’s a serious issue for homeowners too, but they are blessed by the fact that they are at home and able to identify pest problems at the earliest stage. For businesses, it’s far harder due to a lack of presence at the commercial premises. Sadly, those that leave the situation untreated are destined for significant problems over the coming months.

Why It’s An Even Bigger Issue Than Usual

Pest infestations are a commercial disaster at any time. They can bring devastation to a business in many different ways, with some of the most common issues including;

  • Health hazards to employees, guests, and clients alike due to bacteria spreading and the threat of bites.
  • Damage to company assets and stock due to pests eating them or biting through cables.
  • Potential safety hazards as pests may cause electrical fires or cause structural damage to the walls and flooring.
  • Damage to the brand reputation as news of pest problems will deter potential clients.

On a positive note, the top issue isn’t as big a problem as usual due to the fact the building is closed. However, all of the other three are even bigger risks than usual. Moreover, the pressure to perform after the lockdown has been lifted will be huge. Sadly, this won’t be possible for companies that need to close their offices to treat issues.

Tellingly, the fact that nobody is around to notice the pest infestation allows colonies to grow. Maggots and flies can multiply by the thousands within the space of a few weeks. While commercial pest control in NYC can regain control before a situation escalates, it won’t happen if business owners are unaware of the issue. Once again, with so many fears about revenue, it’s probably an issue that sits fairly low on their agendas.
Furthermore, it has been suggested that rats and other pests will become aggressive and engage in cannibalistic activities due to a lack of food. The death will only lead to further problems in regards to airborne diseases.

The damage caused by pests during the coronavirus pandemic will be significant, and all businesses are potential victims. Ignorance is not an option.

How Can Business Owners Regain Control Of The Situation?

The harsh reality of the situation is that it’s impossible for business owners to suddenly stop pests, particularly rodents, from surfacing. The situation regarding reduced food resources in the usual locations isn’t going to end, irrespective of what action any single business decides to take. The best thing you can do for your company is learn to control the controllable.

First and foremost, you need to make sure any commercial spaces are uninviting to pests. A thorough clean of the building to remove all food sources, including things like your sugar jars or other supplies, is vital. Otherwise, pests that find a way into the property will have no reason to leave. In turn, that allows colonies of insects and mice to grow.

It’s also the perfect time to ensure that the building is free from openings. Business owners can borrow some ideas from home sealing protocols. Crucially, all doors, windows, pipes, and access points should be shut off from unwanted pests and intruders. Even when you can’t prevent all forms of unwanted access, making it significantly harder will reduce the dangers.

Unfortunately, we are already several weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown, and a lot of businesses will already be affected. Professional commercial pest control is the only way to regain control of your buildings. After all, the expert touch can;

  • Identify sources and entry points,
  • Exterminate all pests and nests humanely,
  • Clean up the mess,
  • Prevent future infestations.

If a company building has been infected for several weeks, the number of pests could be in the thousands. For the sake of time, money, and protection of the business, arranging commercial pest control is essential.

Call For Commercial Pest Control NYC Today!

Whether your company requires help in overcoming an existing pest infestation or you simply wish to protect the building and its assets throughout the rest of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, the Control Exterminating Company are ready to help.

To discuss your commercial pest control needs, request a free quote, or book an appointment, call (212) 847-3842.

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