Fleas and Ticks in NYC

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Why do you need Fleas and Tick Control in NYC

Fleas and ticks may threats enter your home and office for food and shelter. Unfortunately, the food source is your blood or the blood of your pets. Fleas and ticks have been known to carry diseases that could harm you and your pets.

 Some of the harm that can be caused by a flea or tick bite includes:

  • Tapeworm
  • Bacterial diseases
  • Allergies
  • Skin diseases
  • Tick Fever
  • Bartonellosis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

You should take fleas and ticks infestation seriously; these bites have lead to diseases that cause serious illness to humans and pets; a bite could also lead to death. 

Is there Lyme Disease in NYC?

 The quick answer is yes. Lyme disease is the most common tick causing disease in the US and in NYC.  The disease starts by the spreading of a bacteria that gets transmitted through a tick bite. There are three stages of the disease, the first one being when the bacteria has not spread, the second where the bacteria begins to spread and the third one when the bacteria has spread throughout the whole body. The good news is that the tick has to be attached to the body from 24-36 hours for the bacteria to spread and most people who get bitten by a tick don’t get lyme disease. To avoid getting sick make sure you check your body if you’ve been out gardening hunting, hiking or just outside for a while, especially during tick season.

Deer ticks  or black-legged ticks are the only ones that carry the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. Other common ticks in NYC are the dog tick and the lone start ticks but they don’t carry the bacteria.

See below the two-year lifecycle of the deer tick (black legged tick). They pose the biggest risk to humans from April to July



    Fleas & Ticks in my Home

    Ticks and fleas can enter the home on the bodies of adults and children; these pests are also known to enter the premises on your pets. In NYC, ticks and fleas have been known to enter homes and office buildings on rodents and wildlife in the area.
    Once inside your home or business, fleas can hide in the carpet, bedding, and other areas that have hard-to-reach crevices.

    I Need the Fleas & Ticks Gone

    You could use the insecticides sold in stores, but this will not help with your infestation problem. You need to hire a pest control company that can provide the treatment to kill the fleas and ticks, in addition to their harborage. Control Exterminating can assess the situation in your home or office, and determine which methods of treatment are most effective.

    Preparing for Flea/Tick Removal

    • Remove items off of the floors in the home or building
    • Remove pet dishes
      from the floors
    • Vacuum every room
      in the home
    • Have your pet treated on the day of the tick/flea removal

    Keeping the Fleas/Ticks Out

    Control Exterminating can help with the flea and tick problem within your home, but it is up to you to keep those pests out. You will need to keep your home and pets clean to keep the ticks and fleas away. We will help educate you on how to control these pesky pests.

    Contact Control Exterminating today and receive service from a company that has 40 years of experience with flea and tick control in NYC – and other pests.

    If you want us to identify your bug call us at 212-847-3842

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