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Bee Removal 

Bees nesting around human surroundings isn’t anything unusual.  They prefer to construct their hives in tree cavities and hollows. So, you should not be surprised to see a beehive in your yard, garden or lawn. There’s so much in your garden that’s inviting to bees, from fruits to flowers. If bees find your place favorable for a living, they will definitely start nesting there.

Spotting bees can be scary in anticipation of painful bee stings. So, it’s always best to remove beehives from your property as soon as you spot them. It’s important to protect your property from becoming a breeding spot for these stinging insects.

However, eradicating bees doesn’t mean that you simply pick up a broom and start swishing at them. Dealing with bee removal is highly dangerous, and requires proper training to safely remove them from the premises without anyone getting harmed.

Call our Bee Removal experts at Control Exterminating, and they’ll provide top-grade services that will protect you and your family from hazardous bee stings.

Signs of a Bee Infestation

Look for obvious signs of a bee infestation around your home. These usually include beehives on your premises or coming across a large number of hovering bees in your garden or lawn. If you see a couple of bees buzzing around your property, they most likely have accidentally flown onto your premises. But a large number of bees is a tell-tale sign of an infestation.

Look for their hives in trees and shrubs. Don’t touch the hives if you spot them! Immediately call our professionals at Control Exterminating, and our qualified team will come out to you. Control Exterminating will help you by eliminating these stinging insects from your property.

Africanized Bee

Bee Hive Removal NYC

Our skilled staff is specialized in providing important bee removal services. These include:


  • Inspection: You may have spotted the beehive, but there are many other aspects our experts will look into before implementing the bee removal program. To do this they will thoroughly inspect the premises, locate other nesting spots, find out their species, and food sources that are attracting them.
  • Beekeeping: Our technicians will plan the removal process by transferring the bees to the beekeeping facility. The plan includes live removal of bees as we steer clear of harsh chemicals, and never kill bees for removal. Our bee removal techniques guarantee 100% safety of homeowners from the hazardous attacks of bees.
  • Removing Beehives: After safely relocating the bees, our skilled team will remove the beehives with help of safety gear.
  • Use of Chemicals: Chemicals are usually avoided for bee removal for the safety of bees and the environment. However, in scenarios where chemical usage becomes inevitable, we make sure that only safe chemicals are used.
Bee Colony


Even though the internet is filled with DIY tips and tricks, most of them end up in failure. Therefore, we advise you to NOT jump into removing beehives on your own. Directly touching or spraying chemicals on them will provoke them, and they may bounce back in a swarm and could prove to be fatal.

So, don’t put your life in danger, and call our bee removal experts who have sufficient knowledge about different species of bees. They understand what removal techniques will be effective against them.

Also, we will never put you or your family in danger to make your place unfavorable for these stinging insects. We will properly treat your property, and prevent them from returning.

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