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Green spaces, parks and recreational areas in New York are naturally at risk of experiencing infestations by various pests. This is because of the high traffic of people and animals that these places experience.

We’ve been working closely with the department responsible for the maintenance of the New York parks for many years. The working relationship has helped us to be well conversant with the regulations governing the maintenance of parks as well as the control of pests in the areas.

Integrated Pest Management

The notion that the use of pesticide is the most effective way of park pest extermination no longer holds waters. In fact, the majority of the chemicals used for the control pests in park areas have been found to have adverse effects not only on plants but also on the important animals kept in these places as well as humans who frequent the areas.

On the other hand, integrated pest management has been found to deliver long-lasting pest control results besides being very friendly to the environment.

At Control Exterminating we offer low-toxicity integrated pest management for parks. This has helped many parks in the New York stay free from pests without having to experience the harsh effects of toxic chemicals.

We use eco-friendly products which have been proved to be very effective in park pest extermination besides being safe to humans, pets, wildlife, and plants. The program is not only aimed at the removal of pests but also prevent their return for a very long time.

Pests We Service:

Bed bugs


Water Bugs


Rats & MIce




Fleas & Ticks

Hire the Best Park Pest Control Professional

Once you hire us for park pest control, we will send you our highly experienced pest control technicians to come and thoroughly inspect your place. The inspection will help them establish possible pest issues and the factors that might attract pests to the area.

We have the equipment and knowledge needed for the correct identification of the pests that may be haunting your park. Using the inspection findings, we will work together with you in the creation of a proactive pest control program. This will address the specific pest issues affecting your park, depending on the nature of the area.

We minimize the use of chemicals in our services and if we must use them, we only use those that are least-toxic. Instead, we use physical, mechanical and biological methods of pest control.

Our services will not only leave the park as a safe area for humans and animals but also bug-free and with a well-balanced ecosystem. The place will look healthier and more beautiful once you let us become your pest control partner.

In-depth knowledge of the behaviors of pests and their lifecycle has been a great asset in our service delivery as with it, we are able to treat various pest problems using the appropriate treatments.

A Long-term Solution to NYC Park Pest Control Problems

The management of pests in parks is neither a one-day affair nor an easy task due to the high vulnerability of the areas to many pest issues. For that reason, our integrated pest management program involves routine park monitoring to identify and treat any approaching pest problem at an early stage before it becomes severe.

Since transparency is key to any work relationship, we always keep our clients aware of the findings from all our assessments on their parks. The report that we’ll give you after each inspection of your area will give you a clear picture concerning the safety of your park against pest problems. The report gives you insights into the measures that we’ve put in place to safeguard the area from different pests.

Do you want your New York park, green space or recreational area to be disease-resistant, pest-free and look healthy all the time? Well, if so, then you only need to contact Control Exterminating, and we will make it happen.

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