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Warehouse Pest Control

Best Solutions for Your Warehouse Pest Problems Warehouse pest control is a strict and ongoing process as they can spread disease and damage the property. Pest control is essential to health safety, and it is essential because...

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8 Most Common Household Pests in NYC

Meet These 8 Most Common House Bugs in NYC Many people call New York City home. Unfortunately, so do a lot of common house bugs as well. Therefore, it’s essential for you to be aware of all the types of common bugs in NYC. Know the signs of an infestation, and risks...

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management: Definition & Benefits of IPM Integrated pest management (IPM) refers to a way in which you can alleviate pest issue while reducing risks to human health, the environment as well as the non-targeted animals.  The ideal IPM program ought...

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Pest Control in Apartment Buildings

Pest Control: Tenant or Landlord Responsibility? While living in your own home, the control of pest issues is certainly your responsibility. On the other hand, many tenants are not sure if pest issues in their rentals are supposed to be handled by them, the property...

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Home Sealing for Pest Control

Home Sealing for Pest Control: Step-by-Step Guide to Seal Your Home Pests take advantage of even the tiniest crack, gap or hole to gain access to your indoor space. That's why home sealing for pest control is essential to prevent the pests from coming inside your...

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Garden Pests that Are Causing Trouble

6 Common Garden Pests that Are Causing Trouble in Your Yard Managing a garden is not a walk in the park; common garden pests and diseases are the major challenges that you are likely to encounter in your small-scale farming. Having a garden gives one an awesome...

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Pest Problems During Winter

Identifying Pest Infestation Problems During Winter At Control Exterminating Pest Control in Manhattan, NY, we receive a lot of phone calls during the winter months due to pest problems. This isn’t uncommon since we know that during this time of the year, rodents,...

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Exterminator Nassau County

Control Exterminating in Nassau County If you contact Control Exterminating, the preferred pest control in Nassau County, you can have your bed bug problem eliminated quickly. Calling on a locally owned and operated pest control service means that we’re right here in...

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