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Flying Ants vs Flying Termites

Flying Ants vs Flying Termites: How Do You Tell the Difference? Insects can be frightening, but flying insects are next level scary. Both ants and termites can develop wings, and immediately become more of a problem.   It's important to know the difference...

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Termites in House: Signs and Prevention

Termites in House: Warning Signs and Prevention A termite infestation is a nightmare for any property owner. But there are warning signs and precautions you can take to avoid an infestation. If you think you have a termite problem, contact a termite control...

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Do Mothballs Get Rid of Roaches?

Do Mothballs Get Rid Of Roaches? The thought of having cockroaches in your home can make you cringe, and you'll do anything to get rid of them. There are numerous methods, but one we get asked often is, do mothballs get rid of roaches?   Cockroaches are most...

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Spider Beetle NYC

What Do Spider Beetles Look Like and How to Get Rid of Them Somehow spider beetles have taken root in New York City. You may not even realize since most often they are mistaken for spiders or bed bugs. It's an easy mistake to make due to their large round bodies and...

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How to Keep Scorpions Out of Your Bed

  How to Keep Scorpions Out of Your Home Scorpions are notorious for their painful sting, but there's no need to fear them. Ridding your home of scorpions, and keeping them out of your bed can be accomplished in numerous ways. Get Rid of Excess Water Mostly found...

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Warehouse Pest Control

Best Solutions for Your Warehouse Pest Problems Warehouse pest control is a strict and ongoing process as they can spread disease and damage the property. Pest control is essential to health safety, and it is essential because pests can carry severe illness and...

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8 Most Common Household Pests in NYC

Meet These 8 Most Common House Bugs in NYC Many people call New York City home. Unfortunately, so do a lot of common house bugs as well. Therefore, it’s essential for you to be aware of all the types of common house bugs that live in your home. Know the signs of an...

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Top 5 Pests in NYC

Top 5 Pests in NYC When you live in an urban area like New York City there’s no way around it: at some point, you are bound to come into contact with a pest. From mice to bed bugs, silverfish to cockroaches, knowing how to prevent, and eliminate these pests in NYC is...

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Invasive Tick Diseases Are on the Rise

Invasive Tick Diseases Are on the Rise With another dreaded tick season in our midst, we must be aware of the invasive tick diseases that come with it. Experts warn that every new tick season will be worse than the previous one. It may sound over-dramatic, but there...

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The Purpose of Flies

 The Purpose of Flies in the Environment We might think of flies as nothing more than pests, but the purpose of flies in the ecosystem is more important than you realize. Consider the common house fly as a nuisance and potential carrier of diseases...

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