Mice Control and New York Rats

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Mice and rats are not fun to deal with and sometimes New York rats seem to have a personality, they are even known for chewing on wires and causing fires. These rodents are also problematic because they are fast and agile. Finding them can even be a challenge for the most trained exterminator. In both cases, they cause serious concerns that should be immediately addressed. The best course of action if you have a rat or mice in your home or business is to reach out to a local exterminator.

Characteristics of mice

  • Mice typically weigh up to an ounce and range between five and eight inches in length.
  • The fact that they are so small and their bones so flexible makes it super easy for them to get through any small hole.
  • Mice can live up to 18 months

Characteristics of rats

  • Rats are typically 13 to 18 inches in length and can weigh up to one pound.
  • Rats can live up to a year
  • Rats have a long tail
  • Rats can produce 35 to 85 offspring every year.

Rodents in my Home

Rats and mice usually look for food and moisture when they decide to enter a place to live in. A good way to prevent an infestation (other than closing ALL holes even the smallest one) is to not leave food out in the open. If you suspect of an infestation look for the following signs:

  • fecal matter
  • gnawed furniture or walls
  • destroyed (or eaten) food
  • live (or dead) rodents

I Need the Rodents Gone

It is important that you contact us to remove the mice and rats from your home early on. If a female rat is taking up residency in your home, she can produce 35 to 85 offspring each year. The female offspring is ready to reproduce in 3–4 months, and so on. Delaying rodent removal by professional pest control experts could worsen the situation.

Preparing for Rats and Mice Extermination

  • Any food should be stored in containers with lids
  • Empty bottom cabinets under the kitchen sink
  • Empty bottom bathroom cabinet
  • Remove shoes and clothing from bottoms of clothes closets

Keeping the Rodents Out

At Control Exterminating, we help you with rat or mouse removal by setting traps, using glue boards, installing poison into your walls, and sealing up any potential entryways, but we will also educate you on how to keep the rodents out of your home for the long term.

Contact Control Exterminating today and receive professional rodent removal service from a local company that has 40 years of experience providing rodent control in NYC.

Hire a Qualified Rodent Exterminator

If you don’t want to waste time getting rid of a rat, mouse or rodent problem, call on the services of a professional exterminator, like Control Exterminating. We have the 43+ years of experience needed to eliminate the problem.

Our pest control experts continue to prove that they are the best suited to handle the job by making a thorough evaluation of the problem and quickly exterminating any sign of them.

They are usually able to accomplish this before an infestation begins.

Our trained and highly skilled exterminators can find the source of the problem and seal it so that no more can enter your home. We provide a complete pest remediation process that will help you keep the problem from returning.

Effective Rodent Control in NYC

In NYC, mice and rats are common. However, no one wants them in their home. If you have them, don’t just accept that its normal to have them around, especially when you don’t have to have them around with Control Exterminating. If you have set up traps and they didn’t seem to work, there is a reason why.

Our exterminators know their habits and they can successfully control the problem before it spirals out of control.

Let us quickly put a lid on this problem. Our exterminators work hard to get to the bottom of your problem and resolve it once and for all.

When you start to notice that there is a rat, mouse or rodent on your property, it is very unlikely that it will simply go away on its own.

You should depend on the services of someone who has proven effective in exterminating rodents, rats, and mice. Control Exterminating has a team of efficient pest control experts who provide the best quality of pest control services.

Call on the reputable pest control services at Control Exterminating and receive a thorough assessment from our qualified pest experts. They will get to the bottom of your problem and rid you of your rodent, mice and rat issues.

Call us today for your complimentary consultation.***

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