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If not treated early, pests tend to grow rampant in their numbers hence the need to control them. Pest Control Chinatown offered from Control Exterminating services for all kinds of pests. Nobody wants to encounter pests in their homes, leave alone having to deal with them.

It can be a traumatic experience when you consider the damage these creatures can cause to your property. There are different kinds of pests you may encounter in your home that include


Cockroaches are the most common infesters in most households, hotels and any other properties. These insects pose the danger of transmitting illnesses besides the cases of food poisoning they are known for. Some of them crawl and some occasionally are found flying.

Their habitat is characterized by dark and dump locations such as closets, crawl spaces, basements, floor drains, sewers and other like places. Caution should be taken to reach an Exterminator NYC as soon as you discover them since they happen to be very prolific breeders who can multiply tenfold in a matter of weeks.


Ants Manhattan are social insects that exist everywhere on the planet. There are numerous species found in the world that are differentiated from one another by their unique antennae and node-like structures forming their waists. Their ideal habitat is cool and damp areas where they choose to build homes from mounds of dirt and sand.

Ant Manhattan colonies have millions of individuals, so they pose a great danger when they occur near your home.  Some also choose to adopt logs of wood lying on the ground as their homes.


This is an umbrella term that refers to rats, mice, squirrels and other gnawing animals. They’re mostly nocturnal and become active in the dark where they come out to look for food, mostly leftovers, and droppings. They are known for their destruction by gnawing and nibbling on almost anything they can find ranging from pieces of clothing, paper, boxes, plastic and other items.

They are very dangerous in that they spread diseases such as the plague and tuberculosis to human beings and also parasites from their droppings. Rats in New York are found in the outdoors whereas mice are found in homesteads by they can both be encountered in our homes.

Bed Bugs

These insects become active in the cover of the dark and feed on the blood of their hosts, mostly humans and warm-blooded animals. They have a flat body that is oval and occur in different species ranging in size and color.

Their ideal habitat is locations they cannot be seen, especially in the light. Headboards, mattresses, cracks, and crevices, baseboards make a good hideout for them.

They are known to be prolific breeders and multiply quite fast when the conditions favor them. Room temperature and adequate supply of blood from their hosts will see their numbers grow exponentially.

Pest Control Chinatown, NY – Control Exterminating

When you encounter any of the above-mentioned pests in your home, it is critical that you consult Pest Control NYC to help you with their treatment before anything gets out of hand. You will be provided with Control Exterminating services to ensure your home remains pest free.

Each Exterminator NYC has a specific role to play depending on the type of pests that have invaded your homestead. The workers are qualified and have all the relevant certification so you can expect the services rendered to be top-notch. Most importantly your property will be free from bed bugs, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, bees and any other pests.***