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Since 1973, Control Exterminating proudly provides pest control services in the Manhattan area for:

Do not put your business at risk of being
shut down due to pest infestation.

Get control now! Control Exterminating is your one-stop shop for insect extermination in the Manhattan area. Our pest solutions include:

Expect Same or Next Day Service

computers and desks in an office roomFor both commercial and residential customers, you can expect same or next day service. Maintenance plans are also available depending on the nature of your pest problem. All of the chemicals we use for treatment are approved by the EPA and have little to no odor.

Health Department Violations Removed

We Make Sure You Keep an ``A``

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If your pest issue is with rodents, no problem! We provide a thorough inspection to determine the source of their entry/exit points and nest locations. Our next step is to execute the cleanout so we can rodent-proof your property, ensuring there is no repeated infestation.

Keeping the rodents out! After the eradication procedure is complete, we provide you with a comprehensive consultation on how you can help rodent-proof your business. We want to help you keep the doors of your business open, instead of being closed due to unwanted pests.

One-time treatments are also available; this will depend on the nature and severity of your particular problem. You can also receive regular maintenance on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis to keep your business pest-free. As with all commercial spaces, we provide extermination for any and all insects and rodents.

What we bring to the equation

Control Exterminating was Established in 1973 – We Provide Businesses with 40 Years of Pest Control Experience

Since 1973, our team has diligently serviced hundreds of restaurants in the Manhattan area, and we offer proactive solutions to help you avoid health department violations in the future. Our team of qualified exterminators consists of an owner/operator who formerly served as a senior supervisor for the New York City Housing Authority, Pest Control Division. We offer advice on the best possible maintenance plan, which will vary, depending on the severity of your pest problem.

Do not wait for the infestation to occur; contact Control Exterminating to inspect your business and make sure it is pest-free before you even have a problem! One bad review from a customer who experienced a bug or rodent could be crushing to your business; put a stop to the problem before it even begins!

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