Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs: 5 Ways to Keep Fleas Off Dogs

26 April 2018
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Home Remedies for Fleas on Dogs:

5 Ways to Keep Fleas Off Dogs

There are many great things that people look forward to when the warm weather of Summer approaches. Refreshing outdoor errands and epic swimming and hiking experiences are some of the things that nearly one expects to have. 

In the midst of all these awesome experiences, there’s something unpleasant that you should brace yourself for – the return of fleas. The flea life cycle is typically 20 weeks at maximum, but during hot summer months, it can be as short as two weeks. In other words, fleas breed faster and become adults more rapidly in Summer months than any other time of the year.

None likes to be associated with these creepy and tiny pests but let’s face it; they are about to come, and your dog will possibly be on the receiving end! 

Some of the things that make fleas enemies to many people and pets are their irritating bites and parasitic nature. Other from that, they play a significant role in the spreading of serious pandemics including bubonic plague, Murine Typhus, and  Tungiasis, among others.

How To Keep Fleas Off Dogs


Dogs are some of the primary victims of flea infestations. Fortunately, there are various preventive and treatment options that you can choose from to keep your dog safe from these annoying bloodsuckers.

Tips to Prevent Fleas on Your Dog:

  • #1. Cleanliness

Maintaining a clean home and the sleeping area of your dog is essential in the fight against flea. By cleaning the places regularly, you will be interrupting flea lifecycle, and this will significantly minimize the population of adult fleas which eventually become a nuisance to your pet. 

Mainly, steam-cleaning of your carpets and dog’s beddings during the onset of Summer and once per week at a minimum during the hot season will be of great help in avoiding the bugs.

  • #2. Regular vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of your house and the resting places of your dog in your home is also helpful in keeping your pet safe from fleas. During the exercise, live larvae and pupa fleas are removed from the areas before they start attacking your dog upon reaching maturity. Vacuum your home and dog’s place at least once every week for the safety of the pet.  

  • #3. Regular lawn watering and mowing

In outdoors, flea larvae cannot withstand warm soil, and that’s why the ones that develop into pupa are mostly found in areas with long grass. To deprive them the privilege to become adult, keep your grass short always. 

Short grass will allow the penetration of sunlight to the soil. The sunlight makes the soil to eventually killing the present flea larvae. 

Regular lawn watering also comes in handy in flea control. The overflowing water during the exercise drowns the developing flea larvae, minimizing their rate of becoming adults.  

How to Keep Fleas Off Dogs


“Short grass will allow the penetration of sunlight to the soil. The sunlight makes the soil to eventually killing the present flea larvae.”

Control Exterminating


  • #4. Introduce brewer’s yeast and garlic to the diet of your dog

Research shows that brewer’s yeast and garlic have natural capabilities of repelling fleas. Therefore, you can do your dog a great favor by introducing both to its diet. Alternatively, you can rub them into its skin. If you like, you can rub and also feed them to the pet.

  • #5. Apply spot-on medications

Spot-on medications are medicines that are applied to a certain spot on your dog’s skin and then spread to its entire body through its oil glands in a process known as translocation. 

When you apply a drop of a spot-on mediation on your dog, you rest assured that no fleas will dare to come near it since the drug is a flea repellant. 

This medicine will also kill the fleas on your dog. You’ll have to reapply the medication on the pet at an interval of a few weeks, probably four or five for maximum effectiveness. Make sure that you get the medication that is appropriate for the age and size of your dog.

If these natural home redies for fleas do not prevent them from annoying your dog, consider trying an exterminator. A professional flea exterminator will know how to get rid of the pests once and for all, ensuring the safety of your pet.***

How To Keep Fleas Off Dogs