Natural Ant Killer Baking Soda:

Easy Steps to Make a Potent Homemade Ant Killer

There are lots of natural home remedies that are safer and cheaper than using chemicals and over the counter products. One of those remedies is the use of ant killer baking soda. Baking soda is very efficient when it comes to taking care of ant infestations

Having an ant here and there is not a big deal but having an ant infestation can be troubling especially in homes where there are little children. They will not only contaminate your food, floor, and utensils but they won’t hesitate to sting.

While the first thing that some people do when they spot ants is to rush to the store or to go to amazon or other online store to buy some pesticides, the use of toxic chemicals to kill the insects is neither the cheapest, safest nor the most effective way of dealing with an ant infestation. If you want to try something yourself before hiring an ant exterminator, try something homemade.

One of those remedies to get rid of ants is the use of baking soda.

How is baking soda used to kill ants?


  • Baking soda
  • Powdered (confectioners) sugar
  • Water
  • Plastic spoon and cup


Add sugar

Take a plastic cup and into it, put five confectioners’ sugar (about five heaping spoonfuls). You may be tempted to use regular sugar if you don’t have confectioners’ sugar but kindly strictly use the latter if you want to deal with ants once and for all.

If you use regular sugar, ants will be able to pick the grains of the sugar and leave out the baking powder, and that won’t go well with your objective. On the other hand, it will be extremely hard or impossible for the insects to separate the powdered icing sugar from baking soda. Therefore, the pests will end up eating a mixture of the sugar and baking soda.

Add baking soda

Add baking soda to the cup containing sugar. The amounts of the sugar and baking soda should be the same. Therefore, you’ll just add five baking soda heaping spoonfuls just as it was the case with icing sugar. Even if you want to make a smaller mixture, ensure that the portions of the two ingredients are equal.

a cup of baking soda powder

“While some people resolve to do when they spot ants is to rush to the nearby home improvement store to buy some pesticides, use of toxic chemicals to kill the insects is neither the cheapest, safest nor the most effective way of dealing with an ant infestation.”

Control Exterminating

The Mix

Once you have put baking soda and icing sugar as prescribed above, the next thing you need to do is to mix the two. Do the mixing well to ensure that there’s no part of the mixture where the ants can eat the sugar without ingesting baking soda.

Place the ant baits in windows and doors

Ants don’t hide much; you’ll see them moving here and there as they collect food and take it to their relatives. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to establish the strategic areas that you can place the bait that you’ve already prepared and had many of them fall into the trap.

Place the mixture in those spots and wait for the insects to eat it. You can place the bait on a paper or container or directly on the surface where the concentration of the insects is high.

The majority of ant species like eating sweet foods and so, the reason for adding powdered sugar to baking soda is to attract the insects. On the other hand, baking soda is the ant killer ingredient.


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Effective DIY Ant Killer

Although this method won’t kill all the ants present at your place immediately, it can, in the long run, lead to the extermination of the majority of them, if not clearing the whole infestation.

This is because the worker ants tend to take food to other colleagues in their colonies, including the queen, drones and the young ones. If the food taken by the workers has baking soda, the others in the colony won’t escape death if they happen to ingest it.***

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