DIY Bed Bugs Removal: Facts and Myths

Bed bugs are horrifying for homeowners and business owners. Instead of hiring a professional bed bug exterminator, some people try to get rid of them on their own. While there are DIY bed bugs treatments; there are some facts and myths that need to be confirmed.

Itching caused by the bites from these blood-sucking bugs lasts for hours while their tiny size helps them to hide under sheets and in crevices. They thrive quickly and are difficult to control.

People turn to do-it-yourself bed bug treatments to get rid of these nasty bugs, but not all known remedies are effective.

Here we will break down the facts and myths of bed bug treatments you can do on your own:

DIY Bed Bugs Treatments Myths

  • Ultrasonic Devices

Many people believe ultrasonic devices to be effective bed bug repellants. The belief is that high-frequency sound emitted forces bed bugs to leave. Factually, these types of devices have no real effect on bed bugs, and cannot repel them.

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular myth in DIY remedies. Supposedly if you sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and other areas inhabited by bed bugs, it’ll help in killing them. The myth is that the baking soda will dehydrate and kill them off.


There is no scientific evidence to support the myth that baking soda is a remedy for bed bugs.

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There’s a popular baking soda mixture for killing ants and other pests, but not so much bed bugs.

Baking soda will break down when it comes into contact with the thick fluid of bed bugs, and won’t be effective in dehydrating them. It may be effective in some rare instances, but it is not a practical solution against an infestation of bed bugs.

  • Mothballs

Considered an effective DIY repellant to get rid of various pests including bed bugs. The assumption is that the pungent smell of mothballs will repel bed bugs which are true. 

However, it will NOT kill them. So, you may be able to repel them from your bed, but bed bugs will just find another place in your home to infest.

Research has shown that mothballs failed to kill bed bugs even after a week. Although some adults were killed in a few instances, they remained ineffective against eggs and nymphs of bed bugs.

bed bug stains on a mattress

Bed bug stains on a mattress

  • Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is also considered as a helpful DIY remedy against bed bugs. It was speculated that sprinkling talcum powder around beddings and under furniture will kill bed bugs by dehydrating them. 

The fact is scientifical there is no evidence to support this remedy. The granules of talcum powder are not sharp, and can’t penetrate the bed bug’s exoskeleton.


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DIY Bed Bugs Removal Facts

  • Wash Bedding and Dry It

Beddings are the most common places to be infested by bed bugs. So, simply washing your bedding is an efficient DIY remedy against bed bugs.


You should wash beddings at the hottest setting for at least 90 minutes. Afterward, it should be placed in a dryer set at high heat.

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This remedy is effective because of the usage of heat to kill bed bugs as the high temperature is the worst enemy of these bugs. Washing machines’ high temperature combined with dryers’ high heat not only kills adults but also help in eradicating nymphs and eggs.

  • Freezing

The popular notion that bed bugs can’t survive extreme temperatures is true. Therefore, besides heating, freezing can also be used for effective removal of these bugs from your place. Pillows, duvets, and bed linens should be placed in a freezer at -170 °C for at least 10 hours to kill bed bugs in them successfully.

  • Vacuuming

Vacuuming is regarded as one of the most useful DIY remedies against bed bugs, and it is. Simply vacuum your house thoroughly with the help of attachments, and cleaning the areas under furniture and other hard to reach places around beddings, will help in sucking out bed bugs present there. 

A disposable vacuum bag should always be used always. After finishing the cleaning, the bag should be disposed of in an outside bin. Vacuuming not only wipes out adults but also aids in eradicating nymphs and eggs.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

This should be evenly applied in the crevices of mattresses, furniture, beddings, and other infested areas. It will eventually kill them by dehydrating them. Make sure to use food grade Diatomaceous Earth.


Diatomaceous earth is a proven organic insect killer and is as efficient in killing bed bugs as it is against other insects.

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The above mentioned DIY remedies are proven to be effective against bed bugs and successfully kill them. However, none of them promise to give 100% results and wipe out all traces of bed bugs. It is always better to get help from an expert exterminator in NYC to effectively treat an infestation of bed bugs.***

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