Treatment for a Water Bug Bite

Water bugs are one of the most unpleasant insects you do not want to share your home with other than cockroaches. Here are some tips for water bug treatment and home remedies to treat water bug bites.

A water bug is an insect that can be found in ponds and lakes. There are about 1600 species of water bugs on earth, and they are spread all around the globe except the Polar region. They are mostly found in freshwater habitats and feed on small invertebrates and plants.

Are Water Bugs Bites Harmful?

Kids are the ones who are affected mostly by water bugs. As the name suggests, water bugs live in aquatic surroundings, and those surroundings also attract children. They often get lured by water and spend more time playing there. Though water bugs do not prey on us, they bite humans just to safeguard themselves from danger.

Water bugs have paddle-like legs, and they use them to walk on the surface of the water. They are found mostly on water bodies that contain other small insects and ruins from trees.

The bite of a water bug might not be life-threatening, but it causes immense pain and allergy if not treated quickly. Children may have asthma if they play around places that are rich in water bugs.

Water Bugs in NYC Homes and Apartments

Water bugs are one of the most unpleasant insects you do not want to share your home with other than cockroaches. They are extremely difficult to be removed from your house once they enter.

These uninvited guests will ruin your kitchen, pool, and bathroom within days of their invasion. Before moving to the cure for water bug’s bite, let’s first see how to prevent them from reaching our household.


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How to Stop a Water Bug Infestation

Some of the essential ways to keep yourself away from these bugs are listed below kindly follow them in order to avoid your most pestering guest.

#1. Keep Your House Clean

Keeping yourself and your household clean will put you away from most of the pests and diseases caused by them. Ensure that every nook and corner of your house is clean and aerated as these bugs live by feeding the remains. Make sure that the garbage is eliminated from your household on a daily basis and never forget to do so.

#2. Give Extra Care for Your kitchen

The kitchen is the most delicate room in your house. If your kitchen is not clean and secure, the whole house will get infected steadily.

Make sure that your kitchen is always clean and neat. Do not let water to stagnate in your sink and wash dishes regularly rather than procrastinating.

#3. Keep Your House Ventilated

One of the most important reasons for a house to get contaminated is the lack of ventilation. Keep your home ventilated and avoid dumping unnecessary things in your house.

Water bugs love damp and wet places. If your house is kept dark and damp, it will attract not only water bugs but also many other insects and pests.

#4. Use Natural Pesticides

Another way to keep your home away from water bugs is by using natural pesticides such as vinegar, liquid detergent, neem leaves, baking soda, and turmeric. Clean your house with the above-listed things frequently to avoid water bugs.

water striders on the pond surface

Water Striders

“The bite of a water bug might not be life-threatening, but it causes immense pain and allergy if not treated quickly.”

Home Remedies to Treat Water Bugs Bite

The most common symptoms of bug bites are itching, redness, mild irritation and sometimes swelling with pain. Most of these symptoms will resolve slowly after a day but if they don’t follow these steps to get rid of them:

  • Get an ice pack wrapped in a towel and place it over the injured area.
  • Apply some drops of cooking oil over the bite site.
  • Take turmeric powder and mix it with a teaspoon of water. Stir it to form a paste and apply the paste.
  • Apply peppermint oil as it takes away the swelling and itch caused by the bite.
  • Apply Aloe vera gel over the bite site. The anti-fungal and antibiotic properties of Aloe vera will prevent further infection.
  • Intake of analgesic and anti-inflammatory medications will ensure pain relief.
  • Make sure that you are under Tetanus immunization.
  • If pain persists after undertaking the above measures and fever, chillness or nausea accompanies, make sure you reach the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

If you have a water bug infestation problem on your property, call Control Exterminating. We will thoroughly eliminate your water bugs and cockroaches infestation.***

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